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Dr. Yael Maoz is the CEO and Founder of Beverly House, where she helps the 45+ business owner to make their business retirement-ready with a book as an advertising asset for their business. She's an international bestselling author, business consultant, and tech wizard. She believes that if you never figure out how to publish a useful, well-designed book with an automated book funnel, then you will always struggle to get organic leads and sales from your book.

She is the author of "Latkes & Vodka" which is available to buy on Amazon. Her next book, all about business, is "Encore Entrepreneurs - Retiring with passive income for the small business owner" is debuting later this summer.

She mentors brick and mortar business owners, consultants, and service providers on creating passive income products from their existing work and how to use a book to provide ongoing marketing traffic to their business. She is a US expat currently living in central Israel where she explores history, culture, and travel with her husband and three kids.

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